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Where do you produce?

This product is produced locally and fulfilled in 21 countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Un

What type of paper are the posters printed on?

Our products are created with our patented "gallery quality" with thick and durable matte (uncoated) paper. All our posters are printed on 200 g/m2 premium paper with a matte finish. The paper is archival, meaning it will not yellow over time, and is

How is the product packaged?

Different packaging depending on the size of the poster as well as the country where the item is produced and shipped to. Our standard packaging for posters is:. Some exceptions are:. Mailing tubes in the following countries: DK, DE, NO, CH, FR, UK,

Can I choose on-site how to hang the picture?

Portrait? Landscape? Don't worry, we deliver all frames with both hanging options so you can decide for yourself how your art work should be displayed.

Which frame size fits which poster?

Frame and poster sizes correspond one to one. This means that our frames fit a poster of the same size. So choose a frame that has the same size as your poster. For example, for a 50x70 cm poster you need a 50x70 cm frame.

Which size should I order?

Size is a matter of your taste and availability in your room. Small posters do convey a subtle elegance, while larger sizes work well as a statement. Many consider 50x70 cm to be the "standard" size of posters. Combine sizes to get a great modern loo

Can I order a design in sizes that are not listed on the website?

Unfortunately no. Some designs can not be printed larger, as this would inevitably reduce the print quality. In order to ensure you always receive the best quality, we offer some designs only up to certain image sizes, as configurable in the store.

Do posters come with a frame?

Posters and frames are not created as separate products in the shop. Ensure to select a poster as already framed, if you'd like to purchase a frame from us. If you choose to buy a frame from us, the poster will already arrive framed at your home, has

Are your papers sustainable and/or certified?

Yes, we offer responsibly sourced FSC certified paper from sustainably managed forests.

What does gallery-quality mean, in terms of quality and ink?

We offer different paper options for our products and collaborate with 100+ professional print partners around the world to obtain the best print results. Many of the inks we currently use are of archival quality with tremendous durability and fade r

How do I mount the frames?

All of our frames come with metal brackets so that the frames can be hung in either portrait or landscape orientation. The type of hooks/wall mounts you need will depend on the type of walls you have. Wall hooks are not included. Please do not hang t